"We look daily at the wonderful colors displayed in our paintings from Lewis Malone and our day is brightened."

Dr David Leach, Asheville, NC

"The expressions in my collection of paintings by Lewis Malone reminds me of my travels to my favorite places and settings.  The painting in my office and the painting in my home is admired by all."

Kay Axley, Nashville, TN

"As a artist myself I fully appreciate the wonderful display of color and content of my paintings by Lewis.  I always take a quick look at any of my paintings by Lewis when entering a room and discover new details. What a joy."

Betty Jorden, Kingsport, TN

My painting by Lewis Malone has greatly enhanced my home and has created much delightful conversations with my guests and family."

John Mock, Minn. 

My sailing painting by Lewis Malone has found a perfect place in my office.  This excellent work brings back our ocean sailing adventures throughout the years.  The details in the painting captures our many voyages out of British Torola, VI"

Ted Lee, Lee Co, Nashville, TN

We are collectors of art works by Lewis Malone. These will not be our last paintings by our favorite artist to collect and enjoy.  Always refreshing to view after a day in the corporate world."

Tony & Cindy Gibson, Nashville, TN